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speedy bored room's Journal

18th June, 2005. 11:25 am.(polkadottedtear)

hey all.
out of boredom i started this rad community.
its on its feet and very active.

if your that bored why dont you come check it out.
its not a waste of your time, pinky promise.

fill your spoon with dinosaur soup.Collapse )

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4th February, 2005. 8:43 pm.(spiregolem)


guess what....

I'm Bored!!!

And I'm so bored that I've started collecting spark plugs.

Oh no! Well I hope my personal spark plug craze will end soon.

Go to my Journal to see this "cool" picture that I found.
I only have like 4 spark plugs.

Help Me! I need to be entertained.


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20th November, 2004. 3:35 am. This doesn't help boredom, unless you read everything.(brokenandalone)

I'm trying to get a journal entry so that I get a 1000 comments. I know other poeple have done this before, but I want to do this too. So please, leave a comment, even if it's a short hi or something. Alright, thanks.

Click here for the entry, thanks again!!!!!

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14th August, 2004. 12:24 am.(broken_delusion)


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30th January, 2004. 6:41 pm. if any one see this(mihy)

i'm bored any one want to talk to me?

i'll be online

aim - lunamix16

msn - luna_1987cat@homtmail.com

Current mood: bored.

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24th March, 2003. 10:47 pm.(speedyluna)

i'm so bored
my friend went off line
and now i don't have any one to talk to
and i don't have any thing to do man this is going to be a bored week seen i don't have school this o week

Current mood: bored.

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12th March, 2003. 7:21 pm.(crazycutegirl)

i'm stting here be bored went my friends are not eve on one on but not talk to me may be she away from her comp whatever i can't take this any more i'm going to get rid of my lj's and just be sad about the lj name that i like alot but i can only have so much lj's that i'll wiret in so i'm going to get rid of 2 of my lj and look at all of what i have been say in my lj and get some of what i have been wriet in my lj out of there

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11th March, 2003. 12:25 pm.(crazycutegirl)

I just want to talk and talk and never stop talk

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2nd March, 2003. 7:32 am.(andybogard)

Hey everyone i am bored out my fudgeing mind i am just chilling listening to some tunes but i am getting ready work and i thought would post in here since i never posted in here before well if anyone wants to get a hold on me just to talk chilling anything my here is how to find me.

Cloud_ff_@hotmail.com (MsN messenger)
Rokusho San (AoL Messenger)
blg_tigger (YaHoO Messenger)

Well i am gonna go people see ya all around.

Current mood: bored.

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28th February, 2003. 7:26 pm.(crazycutegirl)

some one find me i'm so bored and i have nothing to do and i want to talk to some one if any one see this i'll be on my msn and my yahoo Luna_1987cat@hotmail.com Cristina_1987@yahoo.com

Current mood: bored.

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